"Security is on its way."
"You'll never see them."
Dr. Aqwe and Fiola Shaku[src]

Ashlud City is a partially-aquatic city located on the planet Kamino, and is known to have been home to a shadowy society of cloners and their facilities. Largely separate from mainstream Kaminoan society, the city was administered by its chief scientist, Dr. Aqwe, before his death at the hands of one of The Luminous Three in 0 ABY.

Seen from the air, Ashlud City looks like any other typical Kaminoan settlement. The cloning facilities, however, are all located below sea level - possibly as a means of hiding them from the prying eyes of the Empire. As is typical, the city has no entrances at sea level, since this area is far too turbulent to allow safe passage.

Ashlud City was thrown into disarray when Dr. Aqwe was killed as a result of an escape/rescue attempt headed by Fiola Shaku. Current conditions in the city are unknown, though it is assumed that these half-rogue Kaminoans have adapted to the change and carried on about their mysterious business.

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