BT-7 (Beat)
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"Out of my way, droid"
Waneta West, impersonating Fiola Shaku

'Beat' is a BT-7 rhythm droid belonging to Fiola Shaku. He is currently in the hands of the Empire, aboard the Star Destroyer Interrogator.


Early HistoryEdit

Beat was first introduced to the galaxy at large when he was stolen, along with the rest of a large cargo of musical equipment, from a cargo hauler attacked by pirates. These forgotten pirates brought their booty to Mull Station, and sold the lot for whatever they could get. There, Beat spent several months collecting dust until Fiola Shaku, shopping for a new mandoviol, took a liking to the little droid and purchased him. Beat happily set to work learning the bulk of Moonbeam Levels's back-catalogue, and took to playing aboard the station with Fi (and her sidemen Kappa and Zoot) with great enthusiasm.

A (Short) Life of AdventureEdit

When Fi and Damon Aligeri set out to rescue Mir'isha from the Twilight's Edge, Beat accompanied them. Though he wasn't able to add much to the effort, he was inspired by the excitement and, when Fi decided to attempt to rescue Tam Dawncaller from the Interrogator, Beat was on board one-hundred percent.

Separated from Fi, the droid decided to investigate the Star Destroyer alone and, by chance, encountered the Clawdite Waneta West, who was disguised as Fi at the time. Annoyed by the droid, Waneta attacked him, unintentionally revealing her alien form.

Confused and afraid, Beat fled, and subsequently found himself being tailed by stormtroopers. Upon returning to the Dawncaller, he spotted (the real) Fi boarding the ship and sped after her, wanting to ask her how she could turn into an alien. Unfortunately, he was stopped dead in his tracks by an ion beam administered by one of the Interrogator's hangar technicians.


Approximately thirty centimeters in diameter, Beat is globe-shaped, with a chrome finish (designed to reflect colourful stage lighting), and a single photoreceptor eye. He travels by repulsorlift locomotion, though he can deploy three short, tripodal legs upon which to rest and recharge.

Within his memory banks, Beat contains many thousands of different rhythms from across the galaxy, and can play any of them on command, at any tempo. His chassis boasts two modest stereophonic speakers (for practicing at home), or the droid can use his onboard scomplink arm to plug into any sound system, filling large rooms or even stadiums with sound. In addition to this, Beat has an onboard storage compartment with approximately two liters of cargo space.

A binary droid, Beat is not particularly verbose, but can make simple affirmatives or negatives known to individuals of virtually any Galactic Basic-speaking species.

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