Bad Luck is the name hastily given to this Imperial Gamma-class assault shuttle by Damon Aligeri, after he and Kenlan As-Buka, Koro Bolera, Mir'isha, Tey Spires, Fiola Shaku, Luis Santiago, Tam Dawncaller and Adriav Rahoul stole it from the Imperial Star Destroyer Widower, over Burista.

The Bad Luck was then flown to the ultra-secret space station Hideout, whose personnel were able to wipe its navicomputer clean, by remote. It was the young Jedi-in training Tam Dawncaller who facilitated their escape, using his strange powers to send the ship into lightspeed. It emerged in an unknown part of the galaxy (or possibly another dimension), and was soon met by scouts from the Ququor. The Bad Luck was destroyed by the Ququor after a brief confrontation, though all aboard were able to escape in pods, which were eventually retrieved by the Koralak.

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