Bren Rubicon is a human pilot and self proclaimed celebrity. Traveling the the Outer Rim, Bren searches for fame as he races swoops, skyhoppers, and star fighters on various backwater planets. He has had many partners throughout the years that have assisted him as copilot and mechanic, the most recent of which was the Mon Cal Albrik. However, Bren's egotistical manner has driven off all of his friends and collegues, leaving him alone in the galaxy. Recently, Bren has come to Owara to race in the developing skyhopper circit around the mines. Soon after landing, he was enslaved by the crime lord Pavana and sent to work in the mines where he has become associated with the blind smuggler Renu Tor, who intends to escape captivity.

Snobish and cocky, Bren Rubicon simply believes that he is the best pilot to ever enter a cockpit. He constantly talks and brags about his exploits to others and has an exaggerated view of his own importance and fame. At thirty-five, Bren is getting old for a professional racer, though he still believes he has atleast another twenty years before anyone will be able to challenge his dominence. To display his succsess, Bren wears a racing jacket with dozens of pins and patches from his various victories, each one associated with an extended story. He has a well trimmed mustache and dark brown hair.

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