Burista tag

Fi and Tam enjoy a game of tag in the jungles of Burista, while Kenlan looks on.

"...Completely uninhabited, if you can believe it. Well, except for the researchers, but they mostly stay on the station, I guess. I don't think I've ever been on a planet with no permanent settlements before."
Fiola Shaku[src]
A remote jungle world with no sentient population, Burista is a veritable paradise teeming with countless species of plant and animal life. While a good percentage of Burista's creatures are dangerous carnivores, these pose almost a minimal threat compared to the planet's flora, many species of which exude a mind-altering pheromone that will turn an otherwise thinking being into a vicious, blood-drinking monster within hours.

There is a small research platform, Burista Station, which orbits the world. According to all BoSS astrogation data, this is a corporate-owned space station, engaged in perfume research and manufacturing.

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