"SureI'llFixitforyoujustgivemeafewminuteshere." -Caleb Uto.


Caleb Uto, is a male Charda-Fan and low ranking member of a chapter of the Knights swoop gang on Ryloth. Caleb is a Mechanic by trade, which is the reason that led to his membership, that, and they just could not keep him away from their swoops. Caleb, despite his stature, has proven himself as a reliable mechanic and fix-it man, and because of his pleasant, out-going nature, Caleb has become a bit of a middle man for the chapter with local shop owner and parts dealer. Caleb has become quite fond of a recent prospect to the Knights, a Droid by the name of Shynite, know to him as Sheen. She being a droid of exquisite craftsmanship, perked his fascination and curiosity, for she is far beyond the norm for a droid, and as far as he can knows the only independent droid he knows. And since their first meeting in the Nabat open market, he is always at her side, or not far behind


Caleb Stands just over a meter in height, and is 22 years old. Fond of mechanics clothing and a Bantha hide leather jacket, given to him by the Knights swoop gang. His fur is a light brown with some slight graying here and there. Caleb is a perfect example of the Chadra-Fan species. He is always working or tinkering on something, and sleeps very little. He speaks basic and Huttese fluently, if not rather quickly, forgetting to pause running words a sentences together. He is always in a pleasant mood and only impending doom would cause him to sour or despair. Despite his ever so pleasant nature he is not naive, although caution is not one of his finer points, curiosity getting the better of him more often than not. Although a member of the Knights, he does not own a Swoop or Speederbike, instead he gets about on a repulser driven board of his own design.

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