Cassus Ridley
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Ord Mantell


30 BBY

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Cassus, found and raised on Ord Mantell by a Bounty Hunter who went by the name Tragez. Tragez claimed when he found Cassus, the boy was speaking some strange off-shoot of a Mandalorian dialect. Tragez started training Cassus at an early age to use a blaster and the ways of an honored Hunter.
One: Never accept a bribe in exchange for a false job.
Two: Never back down from a job you've accepted.
Three: Treat your weapon's like a fine woman and they shall never fail you.
Four: Respect fear but do not fall to it, for fear gives one strength...when controlled.
Five: Fight with all your heart and die with honor.

He later informed Cassus, that the rules had some bend to them and to be careful with which ones were bent. As Cassus grew he became very skilled with a blaster, but he excelled with a Carbine Sniper rifle and Vibro-short blades. By the age 18 he was sent on a bounty for a Rodian named Ridley Goussa. He hunted him for ten days in the Kashyyyk forests and for ten days Cassus fought for more than a good night sleep.
Upon the eleventh day Cassus found the trail leading to his own ship's landing zone, it was gone with the Rodian. After a month of ship-jumping Cassus made his way back to Ord Mantell where he found Tragez had taken his own life from grief. Cassus took the name Ridley as his Sir-name and vowed to hunt the Rodian down at any cost.


Cassus Ridley, 30 years of age. 6ft 3in.
Generally can be seen wearing a long brimmed Fedora and a heavy sleeveless sandy colored trench-coat, under the coat he wears one of the best suits of armor a Bounty Hunter can find.

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