Early Life Edit

Chuv Bartok grew up on a world with very complex ideas of right and wrong, and believed in Shekni, or 'Avatars of Justice'; invincible, unstoppable, and  incorruptible spirits that appeared to physically drag sinners into one of the many levels of Vishna, a place of spiritual punishment. Despite these beliefs of divine punishment, Bartok started off as a smuggling contact for the Hutt Cartel on Corellia. there, he caught the attention of Cor Sec officer Tey Spires, who manipulated several events over the course of their encounters, eventually convincing Bartok that Spires was one of the Shekni. Tey used this to his advantage and was able to squeeze a great deal of information on smuggling operations on Corellia out of Bartok.

Later Life Edit

Bartok, over time, became so terrified of Tey that he quit the smuggling business and fled the core worlds, eventually ending up on Tatooine. There he began a small, but profitable, slaving operation that grew to include slaving operations on Kashyyyk. He quickly impressed his Trandoshan competition with his brutal methods for dealing with Wookiee slaves, and became infamously known as the "Scourge of the Wookiees" in certain circles.

By a twist of fate, Tey, along with his companions Luis Santiago, Fiola Shaku, and Zealos Reil, became stranded on Tatooine, and were taken in by one of Bartok's slaves, Cali. In order to repay their hostess, Tey and Reil paid Bartok a visit, in the hopes of intimidating Bartok into allowing Cali her freedom, and ending his slaving business. They pushed Bartok too far, however, and in a moment of desperation Bartok attacked Tey, and had to be gunned down by Zealos.

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