Coruscant Cascader

Activated Cascader

The Coruscant Cascader, Model: BPEA-IA

Developed by, Farbreini MicroElectronics Limited of Coruscant.

An electronic molecular excitation net,in the form of a piece of jewlery, it produces a dazzling matrix of custom-designed light shapes that highlights the wearer's figure and accentuates their attributes through a controlled, low-power "static lightning" show of ever changing hues. The Cascader can be incorperated into any artical of clothing, and responds to the slightest movement, sending spectacular light sequences flowing off and around the user. The Cascader is perfectly safe to wear, its power requirements being so low meant that people touching it would experience only a slight tingling sensation.

The average cost of a Coruscant Cascader runs around 5000 credits or more, depending on the quality and craftsmanship of the item.

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