Fiola Shaku succumbs fully to the effects of the Darkseed toxin.

"There is no cure. Once the Darkseed toxin is performing up to expectations, we may be allocated the resources to synthesize an antidote. But as of now, it's not a priority."
Lan Zackrie[src]
The Darkseed project was the real reason behind the Burista research station. The unique chemistry of Buristan flora had power and unexpected effects on humanoid biology, often resulting in a highly narcotic reaction. However, Imperial scientists were able to refine certain of the biochemicals secreted by the plants to create an extremely agressive, and contagious, response, rendering its subjects into nearly mindless killing machines. This toxin worked within minutes and spread through saliva or blood contact.

The Empire intended to use Darkseed as a terror weapon, specifically against the Rebel Alliance, and could potentially destroy any small population of people in one fell swoop. Dr. Girig and Dr. Zackrie, the Imperial scientists in charge of the Darkseed project, tried to enlist the aid of Fiola Shaku (who had fallen victim to the airborne toxin on the planet's surface), as a test subject. Fi retaliated, viciously attacking five Imperial officers aboard the ISD Widower, who themselves became infected. Shortly thereafter, Fi was treated with an antidote by Luis Santiago and Adriav Rahoul.

Damon Aligeri has obtained a sample of the Darkseed antidote, and plans to bring it to the Alliance.

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