"My good sir, I am always looking for a deal."



Did'Noma is a merchant and opportunist, raised on Ryloth he has made a few friends within the Rebel Alliance, and a few enemies within the Empire. Keeping his business legit in the eyes of the Empire, Did'Noma does what he can to help the Rebels and any Force users, fleeing the Empire.

Did'Noma was once a slave and is a lover of freedom, and at one time very out spoken. But a few run-in's with Imperial troopers taught him the wisdom of keeping personal views close to the chest.

Now he makes his way buying and selling of droids and small personal vehicles. And equipping Rebel cells, with what he can.


Did'Noma is of average height at 1.73meters, with blueish skin.

He is well mannered and very pleasant to talk with. Full of subtle compliments and sound advice, Did'Noma uses his mastery of persuasion to keep himself ahead of the game and his pockets full.

Did'Noma is also a man of charity when it comes to Ryloth's waifs, and can be found giving a few credits to the children when he thinks no one is looking, though he will never admit to such charity even if caught red handed.

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