The chief commanding scientists in charge of the Empire's Darkseed project, Drs. Remerel Girig and Lan Zackrie are brilliant, professional, and utterly evil.

Outwardly, the pair appear to be polar opposites - Dr. Zackrie, a tall, blue-skinned male humanoid, is cold, quick to anger, and brutal to those under his command. Dr. Girig, a human female, is smaller, soft-spoken in a motherly way, and seems to possess almost limitless patience and understanding. This is a ruse, and if anything, Girig is even more bereft of basic human empathy than Zackrie is, if such a thing is possible.

When agents of the Society for the Destruction of the Empire attacked their labs at Burista Station, the pair fled to the surface of the planet with one of their test subjects in tow, a young Mon Calamari female named Shenir. There they met Kenlan As-Buka, Tam Dawncaller, and Fiola Shaku, who welcomed the pair and their comatose patient. Under their noses, Dr. Zackrie murdered Shenir, to keep her (and her affliction) from falling into Rebel hands. Later on, aboard the ISD Widower, he and Dr. Girig tried to conscript Fi as their new test subject. But, their allegiance revealed, their plot was foiled and it is not known if the pair survived the ensuing carnage aboard the Widower.

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