Dvakon is a rather enigmatic person. According to the records, his birthplace is unknown as is his birth date. However, his commission as a pilot in the Republic Diplomatic Corps is dated over 200 years ago.  Apparently a near human with an extended lifespan, Dvakon has no physical distinctions that set him appart from a baseline human. His black hair, green eyes, and dark tanned skin can be found on any of ten thousand worlds in the galaxy.

Known HistoryEdit

According to some of the records that survived the transistion of power from the Republic to the Empire, Dvakon was a pilot in the Republic Diplomatic corps for over 80 years before being permanently transfered to the service of Jedi Council at the request of Master Yoda.

For 90 years, he was called on to transport Jedi from one side of the galaxy to the other. Approximately 5 years before Order 66, all records of Dvakon and his ship Event Horizon stop. There is no official notice that he was missing, dead, retired, or AWOL, he simply vanishes from the record.

Notable Personality TraitsEdit

Dvakon often chants an ancient children's rhyme about stuffed toys destroying nightmares. Fortunately, he doesn't try singing it. While his speaking voice is deep and pleasantly toned, he couldn't carry a tune if you handed it to him in a bucket.

Spending time with Dvakon, one is often left with the impression that he views all of life as a joke only he truely understands.

Notable RumorsEdit

There are many reports that Dvakon is naturally Force Sensative and is sometimes subjected to dreams that are portents of events to come.

Yoda is reported to have used Dvakon and Event Horizon almost exclusively in the years leading up to his disappearance.

Known SkillsEdit

Piloting - he has 170 years of service as a pilot for the Republic in addition to whatever he was up to before and since. He has shown his skill as both a starship and repulsorlift pilot.

Linguist - he is apparently fluent in over a dozen languages.

Combatant - after action reports by diplomats and Jedi alike report that he is a deadly marksman as well as a competent melee combatant.

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