Dyl Hartor
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25 BBY

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Brown, Cropped

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Imperial, Fringe


Born to a merchant-class family, Dyl Hartor always found himself on the other side of the tracks. When other kids were playing with the latest and greatest toys, Dyl was working for his parents, either in the shop or making deliveries.This gave him an excellent work ethic, as well as the ability to relate to people who worked for and with him, something that would help him out greatly in the future.


When he was twenty years old, Dyl found himself looking for a change of scenery, and decided to pick up his roots and make for space. Finding a job on a ship headed for the Outer Rim, Dyl bid farewell to his parents and took off. After several years of working for different ships, Dyl was barely breaking even. He found his way to the nearest Imperial recruiting facility and joined the Navy. He proved himself to his superiors and moved quickly through the ranks, until he found himself as the second-in-command of the Star Destroyer Spacewolf. Under the command of Captain Antew, Hartor found his career stifled. Antew was the kind of commanding officer who gave the appearance of competence when in reality he was the opposite.

Hartor held his ground, and tried to prove himself to his commanding officer by improving efficiency across the board. Unfortunately, the captain did not notice the improvements, and therefore Hartor became even more frustrated

Meeting Khazad Du'ulEdit

Several weeks into the Spacewolf's assignment to the Hydian Way, Hartor had reached his breaking point. One day he was in the mess hall and found himself talking to a young man who really listened to his problems. Then he went on to talk about his plans for change, and Hartor began to listen to him. He laid out a plan, and disappeared, leaving Hartor to execute his parts of the plan. Several weeks after that, Khazad Du'ul returned, this time to execute the most bloodless mutiny in the galaxy.

The FutureEdit

At this point in time Dyl Hartor is in charge of the Spacewolf, under the command of Khazad Du'ul. On their way to Bilbringi, Hartor is prepared to do whatever is necessary to acheive the dreams of Khazad Du'ul.