Dyvon Rand
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Glee Anselm


24 BBY

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Dyvon, along with his sister Kali , spent his early years traveling back and forth from Glee Anselm to Bespin where his mother, Keana , was part-owner of a tibanna gas mining firm. During the Clone Wars his father, Raden, was a freighter pilot with a joint contract with the Grand Army of the Republic's Special Operations division and the Jedi Order. Under the command of General Arligan Zey, Clone commando units with Jedi support would utilize Raden's YT-1250, Muddy Fumarole for clandestine insertions on Separatist worlds. After Order 66 Raden helped to evacuate persecuted citizens, jedi sympathizers/temple employees and during one occasion an unknown GAR clone trooper. Sometime later Imperial authorities closed in on Raden and a Barabel Jedi master, and they fled, faking their deaths in the process. Raden left Glee Anselm for good leaving a sealed footlocker addressed to Keana, Dyvon and Kali. Keana opened the box once, when she found it alone in the cargo hold of her brand new YT-1930, Watermaiden, some years after Raden left for parts unknown along with his barabel jedi companion. He did not contact his family at this time, making the journey and ultimately depositing the footlocker secretly so as not to incriminate his family if discovered by any imperials. Inside was a datapad professing his undying love for his family and the hope that he might be able to return someday. Along with the datapad were four sealed cases, one adorned with barabel runes.

Dyvon grew up missing his father and wondering what to think about why he had to run. He finished school and for a time worked for His mother and sisters’ small custom Exo-enviroment and combat suit company, Rand Custom-tech, of which he is also part owner. Soon however he began to feel his call was to Law enforcement and at 20 he joined the Anselm security forces academy, undergoing physical training, courses in criminal and galactic law and pilot training. A Glee Anselm Planetary Security Forces trainee, he applied for a year length exchange program with Corellian Security Forces.


Dyvon Rand is a 24 year-old, 1.8 meter tall Nautolan male. When on duty, he generally wears the respective uniform of the agency he is assigned to at the moment, be it Cor-Sec or GASF. Off duty he prefers brown tailored spacers trousers and a black shirt. Over that he wears a nerfhide flight jacket with a wampa fur collar, nerfhide kneeboots with brushed durasteel toe caps and knee protectors and a black suede belt with a brushed durasteel buckle.


Although authorized for off-duty concealed carry Dyvon has so far refrained from doing so. On-duty he carries a Cor-Sec issued DC-15s sidearm.

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