Event Horizon is a Citadel Cruiser from the Koensayr Shipyards. Built almost 200 years ago, it was purchased by the Republic Diplomatic Corps as a transport vessel for Senators and other dignataries. As such, it has 2 staterooms and half of the cargo area has been converted into an exercize room.

Known HistoryEdit

Event Horizon has had a long and honorable service record with the Republic Diplomatic Corps. Built to order, her interior is finished in an impecable brass and red-grain duraloy that simulates a wood grain. The 2 staterooms are suitable accomidations for a senator or ambasador.

As a Senatorial transport, Event Horizon has been to most of the major planetary systems on official business. She has been involved in settling disputes between member planets as well as taking ambasadors to newly discovered planets that are negotiating membership.

Event Horizon was transfered to permanent duty as a transport for The Jedi Council at the direct request of Master Yoda after a mission in which Yoda and a Senator were transported on the ship.

Approximately 5 years before Order 66, Event Horizon and her captain cease to be part of the official record.

Known SystemsEdit

Built for both luxury and defense, Event Horizon has a first class galley as well as a dining room. Her entertainment system is outdated, but was of the highest quality when last retrofitted and is still comparable to most modern systems.

The communications and sensor arrays are both high grade and have redundant systems.

The ION drives and Hyperdrive are both higher grade than normally included in a Citadel Cruiser.

The weapons systems include a concussion missile launcher as well as a pair of fire linked laser cannons firing into the front arc. However, the main guns are a pair of turrets on the port and starbord sides that each contain a pair of fire linked Turbo Laser cannons.

Docking - There are two fighter docks under the main body of the ship. Most small starfighters or shuttles can dock, though some larger ships like a TIE Bomber would not.

DACS - Droid Automation Control System. An automation system installed during the last retrofit, DACS provides heavy automation for the ship - reducing the crew needs from 5 (Captain, pilot, 2 gunners, engineer)  down to just a captain. Currently DACS' drones include a J9, a newsie (a small 30cm hovering sphere with Audio, Video, and Projective Hologram capabilities), and 2 maintenance mice.

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