"Harlin Vox" by JohnGWolf, using the Ryn image by NEGAS. found in Wookiepedia.

"Take a look around, you never know what you may find in one of those piles there." -Harlin Vox.


Harlin Vox is the owner of 'Harlin's Relics' a small parts and items shop in Nabat on Ryloth. He is a fair man and collects all sorts of items and objects at his shop.

Shynite rented a loft above his shop for a time.


Harlin Vox is a Ryn of conciderable age, though he tends not to show it. He appears absent minded at times, but this is a facade. In truth he has a mind like a steal trap, photographic to be exact. Although his body is far more fragile than his mind, he is stuborn, and prefers to do things on his own, rather than ask for assistance. He will, use his age and absent minded act to avoid trouble, or hassled by authorities.

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