Keana Rand is the mother of Dyvon and Kali Rand and wife of Raden Rand. She is the current CEO and director of development of Rand Customtech, an up-and-coming Exo-environment and Combat/Flight-suit manufacturer with several imperial contracts and a couple of very secret rebel ones as well. she runs her business very efficiently drawing on her previous experience as part-owner of a tibanna gas mining firm on Bespin during and after the Clone Wars. Some years after Raden was forced to run from the Imperials closing in on him and his Barabel Jedi associate, taking with him the families YT-1250 , Keana purchased a brand new CEC YT-1930 light freighter Watermaiden , custom built to her and her companies needs. Within days of arriving back on Glee Anselm with her new freighter, she was awakened suddenly one night by the intrusion alarms in her personal hanger. nothing was found out of place at first and the incident was chalked up to moisture in the system. However on her first run to a conference on Kuat, while examining her ship for the first time she discovered a footlocker, alone in the otherwise empty cargo bay. She returned home and had her security team scan and open the footlocker. Inside were four sealed cases, one adorned with Barabel Runes, along with an encrypted datacard from Raden professing his undying love for his family and his hope to one day be reunited. Thinking that Raden might need the contents one day she sealed the footlocker and placed it in a safety deposit box at a bank near her office on Bespin. Later when the family started Rand Customtech the box was moved to the Rand Customtech safe.

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