Kenlan As-Buka

Kenlan As-Buka

"Kenlan As-Buka" is just one of many aliases this shady character has used over the years. His background is somewhat vague, and what he tells people can seldom be believed anyway. The combined police dossiers on his various aliases suggests a troubled childhood, from which emerged a troubled adult. He has been part of con schemes from Bakura to the Corporate Sector, and just about everywhere in between. One of his favorite games involves posing as a Jedi Master, aided by some props he picked up during his time in a more reputable profession - bounty hunting. Usually this scam has involved preying upon the delusions of grandeur of young children in order to dupe their parents out of loads of money, but of late, the goal of the con is far more urgent - his checkered past has started to catch up to him, and he just wants to get off of Dantooine. Once he's somewhere else - anywhere else - he'll be able to sort things out and get his feet back under him... right?

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