Officially registered to a forgotten Twi'lek named Seed Corrol, the Edradour (as it was then known) was the vessel 'owned' by Tey Spires (himself travelling under the pseudonym 'Derrick Ryne' at the time) when he met Luis Santiago on Boz Pity. It was on this vessel that the pair discovered the droid 0529-CV-B (Tonto). Re-christening the vessel the Long Shot, the trio flew first to Mimbos and then to Burista, where the vessel was crippled in a dogfight with agents of the SDE and deserted, its passengers taken prisoner aboard the ISD Widower. The vessel itself was taken into custody by the Empire.

The Long Shot was later retreived by Koro Bolera, who performed rudimentary repairs and brought the vessel to Mos Eisley, Tatooine. There, he was reunited with Luis, Tey, and Fiola Shaku, as well as a slave-girl named Cali and a pilot named Zealos Reil, and a mysterious woman named Tarynn Gray. The group travelled to Ryloth, where the Long Shot, though by now barely spaceworthy, remains in the possession of Koro, Tarynn, and Tonto the droid, who has remained attached to the vessel the entire time.

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