Born to one of the wealthier families on Negaru IV, Melroek enjoyed exploring the abandoned mines that riddled his planet. Not naturally bright, he forced himself to learn from everyone he met, determined to overcome this flaw. He is very honest and blunt about everything, often angering people unintentionally. Listening to the tales of men both good and ill, he decided that there is not good or evil, just perspective and interpretation. He holds to this concept very firmly.

Melroek's dream was to obtain enough wealth to never have to work again, and he sold all that he had and bartered passage on a merchant ship. He worked under them to pay his way, determined to travel the galaxy. The captain and crew were entertained by his quirks, and he rapidly gained popularity. Unfortunately, after an occasion of too much booze, he passed out in the captain's quarters during a routine report. The captain tried to wake him repeatedly, to no avail, and only after kicking Melroek a few times did the man respond: violently.

The captain was a big man, but Melroek had always done manual labor and was very sturdy himself. Melroek never remembered what happened, being still unconscious, but woke up with his boot planted on the captain's face. He was shocked to learn that he had also injured the first mate when he attempted to intervene, and while the captain had proceeded to beat the snot out of the now conscious Melroek, he forgave the act of treason, realizing all too well what too much booze would do to even the greatest of men. Melroek apologized profusely and paid willingly for the damages, and the reconstructive surgery required for the first mate's nose. But yet, what he had done could not be forgiven entirely, and he was left at their next stop: Tatooine.

Having used up all his funds, Melroek spent his time looking for work. Twice he was assaulted by slave traders, but both times he resisted just loudly enough to attract Imperial attention, forcing his attackers to flee. He met one of the imperials; a stormtrooper-class Imperial by the name of Besoh Lewtri. Besoh found Melroek an interesting character, and was immensely entertained by the man's stories of his life on Negaru IV; who knew such a backwater planet could harbor so many tales?

Besoh referred him to his supervisors, and Melroek was soon inducted into the ranks of the Imperial Navy. Melroek accepted the offer gladly, just happy to have an income once more.

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