Morec Birtrok in action

Morec Birtrok was your standard Corellian Jedi, raised as a young child in the Jedi temple. He was never a very outstanding Jedi, always behind the rest of his peers. This never bothered him however, because he always viewed this as a chance to hone his skills. He was chosen as a Padawan late in the Clone Wars by a Rodian Master, who was a skilled Weapon Master. This choice was most surprising to Morec, who had never been particularly skilled with a lightsaber.

What Morec was skilled at was his use of the Force. Before he was chosen as a Padawan, during his studies, he discovered the ability to move through objects, something that not many people were able to do. Though it was just the beginning of his knowledge, he continued to work on the ability until it became almost second nature.

Morec entered the Clone Wars at the height of their chaos, just a few short months before the Battle of Coruscant. He learned much from his Master, who tried to teach him in the ways of the Weapon Masters. However, Morec was not suited for the intensity of the training, and his Master soon stopped trying.

When Order 66 was given, Morec had been away from his Master and their clone trooper detachment on Kashyyyk. His Master managed to kill the clones who had turned on him, but was mortally wounded in the process. Morec found a place deep in the forest where they hid. Soon after that, his Master died, leaving Morec all alone.

Morec was able to escape by using his ability to phase through objects to slip onto a freighter unnoticed. Once the ship arrived at its destination, Morec left to find a place to hide. He hopped from spaceport to spaceport, living from day to day, trying to survive.

Morec tried to help people wherever he could while also trying to keep a low profile. Whenever the innocent were being persecuted, Morec was there. During his travels he met a man who he knew only as Ando, who claimed that he was a Warden of the Sky. He taught Morec to use his body as a weapon to help keep the skylanes safe for everyone.

Morec now travels the galaxy, trying to survive, and helping others to do so too. He was last seen on Abregado-rae where he ended up after helping a shipping company complete a run.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Morec is of medium height, with short brown hair and icy blue eyes. He wears a dirty green cap at all times, ususally covering his eyes. He tends to keep to himself when he is on-planet, and his clothing helps to not attract attention. He wears a dark brown poncho that hangs over his right side, covering a shoulder holster, a dark gray tunic, and dark brown pants.

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