Tam Dawncaller and Mr. Mace

"...and this is Mr. Mace."
"Adorable! Does he like Duro flake-cake?
Tam Dawncaller and Fiola Shaku[src]

Mr. Mace was Tam Dawncaller's pet fabool, who accompanied the adolescent through his darkest hours on Dantooine, and through further adventures on Mimbos and Burista.

Sadly, the little creature was left on that world when Tam and his fellows were captured by the Empire. Koro Bolera later returned to Burista and captured a fabool to present to Tam as a peace offering, but it was not Mr. Mace, and Tam saw through the ruse.

Much later, Fiola Shaku returned to the crash site of the Destiny's Light on Burista for her own reasons, and happened upon Mr. Mace, dangerously emaciated. Clinging to the memory of Tam, who she believes to be dead, Fi has taken the animal into her care and is determined to find a way to restore him to health.

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