"Good morning Sunshine, and welcome to, hopefully, at least the next day of your life!"
Fiola Shaku, to Tam Dawncaller[src]
A glittering oasis in the drab, brown desert, Newport is the capital (and only) city on the newly-colonized planet Mimbos. The city is comprised of a dazzling collection of glittering, silver buildings twisting their way toward the heavens, their size and number unheard of on a planet so undeveloped. 

Because Newport is still being constucted, there is almost no air traffic at all, except for what construction vehicles fly between the towering (and for now, mostly empty) buildings. Ground traffic is also minimal, as many areas are still cordoned off due to ongoing construction. Until more of the city is completed, most citizens are content to rely on Newport's elaborate underground rail system to get from place to place.

Fully ninety percent of the city's population is comprised of equal parts construction crews, who work around the clock erecting the gleaming metropolis, and miners, who collect the ores that have brought everyone here in the first place. The remaining ten percent are merchants, entrepreneurs, retirees, and entertainers, all eager to enjoy the spoils of the beautiful city that has been constructed, it seems, just for them.

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