"Gee Reil, I have no idea why I might find the idea of meeting a Jedi more appealing than hanging out in another bar with you."
Cali Bellum[src]

Olann's is a not-quite-upscale bar/club in the city of Worlport, Ord Mantell. The establishment features a bar that runs the entire length of the wall opposite the front entrance, and between these, the floor is filled with many circular tables, each ringed by a comfortable, low-slung couch. The cantina is tastefully lit in shades of pink and green.

It was at Olann's that Zealos Reil, Cali Bellum, Fiola Shaku, Jyllis Tromso, and Kenlan As-Buka became connected with Dylan and Dunn, fugitive members of Renegade Squadron. The group narrowly escaped a confrontation with the droid bounty hunter IG-88.

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