"I was hoping the computer had finally identified the make of the ship, so you could pull up some schematics for me."
"Nope, the computer still doesn’t know what the hell you’re on. You’ll have to find your own way."
Zealos Reil and Cali Bellum[src]

Flagship of Rammo's Reclamation Company, the Reclamator I is an ugly, misshapen, colossal patchwork of salvaged or stolen parts welded onto the framework of some forgotten capital ship from the Clone Wars. While it has a standard crew complement of five, it is among the rarest capital ships that can be operated effectively with a skeleton crew of only one. In addition to the flight crew, the Reclamator I can accommodate a salvage crew of fifty men (albeit uncomfortably), and boasts a modest hangar containing a two-man shuttlecraft, for short jaunts planetside.

It was aboard the Reclamator I that Jyllis Tromso and her friend Fiola Shaku were captured by Rammo, the vessel's captain. The pair soon escaped, aided by Zealos Reil and Sloat, the ship's principal pilot at the time.

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