Shynite's speeder bike

Based off the 74-Z schematics by Troy Vigil.

Rhainnon - Modified Aratech 74-Z speeder bike.


Rhainnon is the combination of a 74-Z Speeder bike and the head of a Pack Track 41LT-R. Rhainnon was created by Shynite on the planet of Dweem, while under the tutelage of her Master, Raxon. In a way Rhainnon is Shynites first and most trusted of friends and companions. Only able to communicate to Shynite in Binary or in text on screen, Rhainnon is only equipped with a basic processor and can follow simple direct commands. Rhainnon has developed a few quirks in his limited personality. Such as, wandering off (never to far but out of sight), Never parking in or near a group of swoops or speeder bikes (Thinks he's better than them). All in all Rhainnon is loyal to the core and some what protective of Shynite, something she finds a little humorous and commendable.

Systems and Features:Edit

This is a list of all the Features, Systems and Functions for Rhainnon;

  1. Basic Processor
  2. Improved Sensors
  3. Terrain Mapping
  4. Diagnostics Program
  5. Internal Droid Caller
  6. Multi Spectrum Terrain and Data Screen
  7. Optic Port
  8. Auditory Sensor
  9. Terrain Sensor
  10. Long Range Antenna
  11. 4 Directional Steering Veins
  12. Cargo Compartment
  13. Sensor Array/Comlink
  14. Blaster Cannon
  15. Outrigger
  16. Maneuver Controls
  17. Altitude Controls
  18. Maneuvering Control Unit
  19. Control Panel
  20. Repulsorlift Engine
  21. Seat
  22. Thrust Flap
  23. Power Cell

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