Ridley Goussa a.k.a (Goussa The Hunted) is a known outlaw and thief, but also known as one of the top Crime-Lords on Ord Mantell. Maldo the Hutt had ordered a Bounty on Goussa, due to Goussa's attack on Maldo's facility causing great loss and the start of Maldo's fall. With Cassus' failure to complete the hunt Goussa killed Maldo with one of his own guard's Thermal Detonator, removing the bounty on Goussa's head. Later when Goussa took over as one of the Crime-Lords, Tragez tried to force his way into Goussa's base and was badly wounded in his escape. However Goussa did not let it end there he sent a group out for Tragez and made it look like he killed himself.
Ridley Goussa, 53 years of age, Height is 5ft 7in, Race is Rodian
Mostly seen wearing a Dark green and brown robe with a blaster hidden under and on the left side. Known to use two quick-draw hilt blasters he is deadly at half range as he is up close.

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