"Get out of here, Inex Jonn."
―Rolf Tazen[src]
Rolf Tazen was the commander of the Imperial Customs Corvette Pincer, assigned to the Rothana system.

Tazen is notable for having hired Inex Jonn to assassinate Jael Arnon, Prefect of the city of Jynton, Rothana, so that the commander could take his place. The act was actually carried out by Veah, although Tazen does not know this.

As payment for the job, Tazen gave Inex a case full of high-grade spice, which the commander had confiscated from some other smuggling ship. Ordering the Sakiyan to not return to the Rothana system for at least five years, Rolf Tazen has washed his hands of Inex Jonn.

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