"All ships, listen up! We've been set up. Everybody set coordinates for the Feeding Grounds on Negaru IV, but don't jump yet. I want you to hit the Star Queen with everything you've got, and don't let up until either it's destroyed, or until the Butcher gets within weapons range... whichever happens first. Open fire!"
Tarvos Ghull[src]
The Star Queen was a luxury spaceliner extremely popular among thousands of beings the galaxy over. While most other liners of its class would stick to the same routes for their entire period of duty, the Star Queen changed its route on every single run. This made the ship extremely popular with vacationers, who could trust and depend on the vessel's opulence and comfort, while experiencing a completely different vacation, every time.

Another draw of the Star Queen was the affordability of a ticket aboard her. While by no means cheap, a hard-working person could conceivably put away enough credits to board, and this was a dream of many beings on countless worlds. Of course, the accommodations for the upper classes were much more luxurious, but the variety of fares available ensured that all classes could ride the Star Queen, and said upper classes rarely complained about having to rub shoulders with citizens less wealthy than themselves. If anything, this too was a draw, as normally-untouchable millionaires could get friendly with passengers much more 'colorful' than their peers.

Of course, this meant that the Star Queen was usually home to any number of con-artists, gigolos and thieves, but her onboard security team was second-to-none for a luxury liner, and only rarely did passengers need to be detained in the brig.

Sadly, the Star Queen's external defenses were nowhere near as effective as her internal ones, and when Tarvos Ghull's pirate fleet attacked her, the vessel never had a prayer. The liner was destroyed, and though numerous escape pods were ejected, the only confirmed survivors thus far are the musician Fiola Shaku and the gambler Koro Bolera.

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