Colonel Tavar Van Bartton was born on Coruscant. The son of a Fleet Admiral, Tavar grew up in the military way of life, and that is all he has ever known. He went through the Academy with flying colors, making his father proud, and soon started going on missions throughout the galaxy, gaining experience as an army officer. He soon was assigned aboard the ISD Butcher, under the command of Moff Villinand, where he soon found out being under the Moff was nothing like he was used to. Moff Villinand was not just out for the Empire, but for personal power as well, and Tavar witnessed countless scandals going on within his rule. Although Tavar didn’t like the Moff’s dealings, he followed orders, and thus Villinand liked his new Colonel; Tavar commands his men with an Iron fist, but he does respect them... unlike his Moff, who Tavar has learned will exploit the troops for his own personal gain.

Recently Tavar has experienced dealings between Moff Villinand and the pirate Tarvos Ghull, and is certain that neither can be trusted. Still, under Villinand’s command, Tavar takes his orders and is currently trying to find several individuals of interest to the Empire.

Tavar has a stern militaristic personality. To him the military is everything. He does have a passion for fine music, and will listen to it while he looks out a port window enjoying the view of the planets and stars.

Tavar is forty-one years of age. He stands a husky two meters tall, weighs around eighty-two kilograms, and is crowned with short, jet black hair with grey streaks at his temples.

The recent fiasco at Burista Station has not gone unnoticed by the Imperial command or the ISB, a fact that Bartton detests. Bartton already had suspicions about ISB involvement in the destruction of the Star Queen and other incidents, but had previously grudgingly accepting the official reports Imperial command gave him. This changed when an agent of Antinnis Tremayne informed the Colonel that his missing ship, the Butcher, had been destroyed on ISB orders for its involvement with the Star Queen. Furious, Bartton was determined to receive retribution; Tavar might be a savage, brutal commander who demanded perfection and absolute loyalty from his men, but that loyalty was returned. For this reason, Bartton allowed Athelias to capture a valuable item from a convoy he had been assigned to protect, an item which the ISB did not want found.

It is important to note that Tremayne is associated with Imperial Intelligence, a separate entity from the Imperial Security Bureau, and his involvement in this incident provokes several questions which have not yet been answered.

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