The Sith Academy on Gamorr was established around 1002 years BBY, by the Brotherhood of Darkness. It was used to train Sith Warriors and Marauders to fight the Jedi in the closing years of the New Sith Wars. The Brotherhood of Darkness was completely destroyed during the Seventh battle of Ruusan, and the academy was left abandoned. It has only recently been disturbed by the Crews of the Nova Viper and Emigrant.

The academy is now completely subterranean, and is largely in disrepair. A pond has formed over the front entrance, and large sections of the floors and stairways are both dangerously unstable and prone to collapse, or strewn with rubble and other obstacles. One of the lower levels of the academy is also submerged in water, but it is unclear as to whether or not that was intentional. Much of the electrical work has also decayed, as most turbolifts and powered doors are unresponsive to their controls, and there appears to be no working light sources in the building, forcing explorers to bring their own illumination. Curiously, devices that were designed to respond to the force appear to be in excellent condition, such as the mechanisms that were used raised the bridge across the pond to enter the academy, or the elaborate and luxurious room in the basement level, that tempts people with their innermost desires. Not all the technology seems to have decayed though, as guard droids resistant to blasterfire and lightsabers seem to be active on some levels.

The academy is largely decorated with writings in the Sith language carved into the walls, and the main foyer contains several statues scarred with the lightsaber marks of brutal Sith initiation practices. As one penetrates further into the academy however, the quality and durability of the architecture dramatically increases, and the Sith writings are replaced with large tapestries of savage acts carved into the rock itself. There is a room near the core of the academy, adorned with only a single central pillar, with the Sith Code written first in Sith, and then translated into Basic beneath. The pillar itself however is the lever to a mechanism that triggers a trap door, dropping those who stand in front of it to a lower level patrolled with guard droids.

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