Captain So has been a small time trader operating out of his own transport since the end of the Clone Wars. He’s had many correspondences and brief conversations concerning business, but mainly has kept away from normal friendship. His ship is staffed with a purely droid crew, and these are the closest things he has to meaningful relationships. He is a rigidly legitimate space trader, and avidly refuses to take part in any complicated situations that could be construed as underhanded or shadowy.

Tholme has done his best to remain neutral in the clash between the Empire and Alliance. However, as most traders in the galaxy are aware, impartiality is simply not an option; the trade routes have been trafficked with Imperial inspection crews. Tholme has been the unfortunate witness to many crimes against his fellow businessmen, but has managed to avoid Imperial ensnarement for the time being. He hasn’t considered taking the Alliance seriously, however, events forcing his hand are quickly approaching.

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