"Drink if you wish to drown your sorrows,, laugh if you wish to hide your fears. Me, I will dance,, I will dance till my soul reaches the havens." - Ura'Ren.


Ura'Ren is a Twi'lek and a shrewd business woman whom started off as a dancer. And now owns the Stones Throw a cantina located in the small city of Nabat, on Ryloth. Ura' loves dancing and is an active supporter of the art form, hiring dancers from all over the galaxy to come and preform at the Stones Throw. She even at one time had Shynite, posing as a dancer named Sheen in her employment for a time.


Ura'Ren stands 1.67 meters in height and has bright pink skin. she enjoys wearing jewelry and rich cloths. She is a good manager and has increased the Stones Throw's business by three fold under her ownership. She is a fair lady when dealing with her employees, and her patrons always look forward to the times she herself gets up on the stage to show her skill.

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