The Watermaiden was a CEC YT-1930 light freighter custom built for Rand Customtech by CEC for Keana Rand. It had a slightly more luxurious interior and was more of a private residence in some respects than a working freighter. It was built with Glee Anselm in mind and so was outfitted with permanent amphibious seals allowing submarine operations. It had a larger captains berth including a small refresher, and a separate support crew accomodation with a crew refresher that could be converted to serve as another private cabin, although the only other crew tended to be Dyvon and Kali and almost always the family astromech droid R2-D9, known affectionately as Gooey. The Watermaiden was mostly stock in the Sublight drive and Shields department relying on the already sturdy stock units although the Hyperdrive engines and repulsorlifts were custom tuned by CEC for slightly better performance. Since Rand Customtech held Imperial contracts the Watermaiden was authorized to carry a Dymek heavy double laser cannon in the dorsal position and relied on a CEC AG-2G quad laser cannon in the ventral. The maiden also sported limited Holocomm capability.

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